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Return Policy

Thank you for supporting End the Hate.


Because 100% of proceeds from End the Hate clothing are donated to charity, we cannot offer refunds, since all profit has already been dedicated to charitable funds. End the Hate does not offer Exchanges, Returns or Refunds of any kind on any items offered for sale on our website.


Why no returns, exchanges or refunds?

End the Hate is a nonprofit initiative and cannot take funds away from the charities we support after donation. End the Hate is not a for profit business and doesn't have the margins to offer refunds.


Additionally, you wouldn't want to wear clothes someone else wore, even if it is for just once. We do not want to sell you clothes that someone else wore.

The garments we carry are manufactured all over the world, it is not possible for us to return these back to the manufacturers as the management and shipping costs are prohibitive. To entertain any kind of returns we would have to incur at least 30% additional cost, which means we will have to pass the cost back to you, the customer. 


Finally, due to Covid-19, we cannot resell or reuse any returned products.

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