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Meet Noel.

Noel was attacked because of his ethnicity - he needs your support.

On the morning of February 3rd of this year, Noel Quintana, a Filipino American, caught a New York City subway on his way to one of his two jobs where he worked at a facility helping mentally challenged individuals.


He hopped on a Manhattan-bound L train and stood at the door opposite one opening. When the train stopped at Bedford, a station in Brooklyn, the door opened and a man boarded and stood next to him.


The man standing next to him kicked the tote bag Noel was holding, which held his keys, ID and paperwork. Noel moved the tote in front of him so it wouldn't disturb the stranger. A few minutes later, the man allegedly kicked his bag again. "


I said, 'What's wrong with you?'" Noel recalls. Noel moved to the center of the crowded train car. "He advanced to me," Noel says. "I thought he was going to punch me because I got him angry."


Noel noticed people around him gasping, cringing and covering their faces. He recalls seeing a box cutter in the man's hand.


"I put my hand on my face and when I saw my hand, it was full of blood," Noel says.


The mask he was wearing was sliced too -- the man slashed Quintana's face from ear-to-ear.


Noel isn't alone. Hate against Asians is rampant in America.


Let's take a stand and...

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